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Bankim Chandra Chatterjee


Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, the greatest novelist of Bengali literature, was born on June 26, 1838 AD, Bengali year 1245, the 13th day of Ashad Naihati in Kathalpara. His father Jadavchandra Chattopadhyay was working as Deputy Collector in Medinipur.


Bankimchandra was the third son of Yadavchandra. Sanjeevachandra rose to fame as a writer between his first and second sons Shyamacharan and Sanjeevachandra respectively. Purnachandra was the younger brother of Bankimchandra. Much of Bankim’s later life is unknown


It was possible to learn valuable information from him. Until the age of six, Bankimchandra lived in the ancestral home of Kathal Para. five


At the age of 10 years, he was betrothed to Kulpurohit Vishwambhar Bhattacharya here. Bankimchandra’s extraordinary talent was known from childhood. He mastered Bengali alphabet in one day.


Knowing his son’s extraordinary talent, Yadavchandra was very careful and careful about his education. 1844 A.D. At the age of six, Bankim Chandra came to his father’s workplace in Medinipur

Get admission in collegiate school.

He became everyone’s favorite here in a very short time due to his gentle manners and innocent nature. He also impressed everyone by showing special achievement in class lessons.


1849 AD Bankim returned to Kanthal Para. He got married to a five-year-old girl from Narayanpur village in February this year. Bankim was eleven at the time of marriage.


1853 AD is particularly significant in Bankim’s life. In this year, he participated in the poetry competition of Sangam Prabhakar newspaper and won a prize of 20 taka.


The title of his poem was “Kamini’s Sayings”. You have six seasons. The poem is printed in Sangam Prabhakar as usual.

It is noteworthy that while studying at Hooghly College, Bankimchandra started writing prose and poetry in the style of poet Ishwar Gupta, Sangbad Prabhakar and Sangbad Sadhuranjan. Later many of his prose and verse works were published in these two papers.


In the Senior Scholarship Examination (1856 AD) at Hooghly College, Bankimchandra was awarded a scholarship of twenty rupees for two years after showing exceptional achievement in all subjects. This year he left Hooghly College and joined Presidency College in Calcutta to study law. In the same year, his book of poetry called Lalita, Purakalik Kaga, and Manas was published.

Later, he openly expressed about the special help of poet Ishwar Gupta in publishing his prose and verse works.

Calcutta University was established in January 1857 AD. university


Authorities introduce entrance exams. Bankimchandra passed the first division in the entrance examination from the law department of the Presidency College.

The next year 1858 AD for the first time B. This test is accepted. total

Ten students took the exam for the first time. Passed only

Bankimchandra and Jadunath Bose.

Bankimchandra then started preparing for the law exam. But before the examination, he joined government service as Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector of Jessore district in the same year.


1869 A.D. from Presidency College after twelve years in service. He took the third position in the first division in the law examination.

1891 AD after Bankimchandra served in government positions for twenty-three years

Retired in September.


During his stay in Jessore, 1859 AD, Bankimchandra’s wife passed away. 1860 AD He married for the second time. About consort Rajalakshmi Devi, Bankimchandra later said, ‘My life is a life of incessant struggle. One person’s influence in my life is greater—my family. If my biography is written, his is also written. I can’t say what I would have done without him.’


Bankimchandra was stationed in various parts of the country as a Hakim and got the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with the sufferings of the people. His patriotism and patriotism were intense.

The ruler’s caste, Indians, would be given equal status with the British—he did not advance meritoriously at work because he adhered to this principle.


During his working life, he met and became friends with Deen Bandhu Mitra of Neeldarpan fame. Strong patriotism influences each other and feeds their thoughts. Bankim’s Rajmohan’s wife was serialized in Indian Field, an English magazine edited by Kishore Chand Mitra. This is his first novel.


1865 A.D. Durgesanandini was published in Pustakakar. Then Kapalkundla and

Mrinalini was released. These three novels are the foundation of Bengali novel literature


Bankim had a deep affection for his native society and culture. As a result, the oppressed state of the people of the country under the foreign rule often tormented him. It is not possible to raise the consciousness of the common people if the educated society does not wake up in this regard. He realized this fact. In 1872, Bankim Chandra started the publication of Bangadarsan magazine to make the countrymen self-conscious. Soon a strong literary group developed around this magazine.


Discussions on literature, science, philosophy, poetry, sociology, theology, history, economics, etc. were published in Bangadarshan edited by Bankim.

This magazine was able to create a huge response in the social and literary life of Bengal.

Bankim’s patriotic novels Rajasingh, Anandamath, Devi Choudhurani, Sitaram etc. have already been published and created a stir across the country.


1873 A.D. The civil rebellion that broke out in Pabna Sirajganj started immediately after the publication of one of Bankim’s writings. He discussed land problems and peasants in a series of articles titled Krishak of East Bengal.

One of the national anthems of India, Vande Mataram Bankim composed in 1875 AD.

After retiring from service in 1891 AD, he settled permanently in Calcutta. He passed away in 1894 AD.

Bankimchandra wrote a total of fourteen novels. Also his notable books are Krishnacharita, Lokrahasya, Vigyanrahasya, Lalita, Biography of Dinabandhumitra, Dharmatattva, Srimad Bhagavad Gita etc.

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