Khagendranath Mitra

Khagendranath Mitra


In the world of Bengali children’s literature, Khagendranath Mitra is named after Upendrakishore, Yogindranath Sarkar, Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar, Abanindranath, Sukumar Roy.


Khagendranath was one of those who laid the foundations of Bengali children’s literature. A true children’s great writer.


Khagendranath was born on January 2, 1896 AD in Shyampukur Street, Kolkata. His boyhood and childhood days were spent in extreme poverty and deprivation. Father Shailendranath worked at Shilaidha Tagore Estate. Started studying in a school in Shyampukur. But after finishing his studies there, he had to go to Kushtia’s aunt.


Thakurda was a famous advocate of Kushtia. Education resumed under his supervision. The environment of the quiet village surrounded by trees, the companions there, the river, the passion in the fields all together brought him a new world of discovery. He became one with this world.


He used to have a deep sympathy for the needy people of the village even though he was flirting with his friends.

Sometimes he would share their happiness and sorrow. In this way, he got a varied experience of village life.

Here he won the praise of everyone in sports and acting. Bagha Jatin’s

After coming into contact, he joined the terrorist movement.


While studying at City College in Calcutta, Gandhiji joined the Non-Cooperation Movement and ultimately failed to pass the BA examination fee. Later, in 1920 AD, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan graduated from the unrecognized national school established by the government.


Motivated by patriotism, Khagendranath was national until the division of the country


He was directly associated with the movement and imprisoned.

Forced to accept various professions for livelihood. He also worked in the railways for some time. Later he was fully engaged in literary service. Literary writing was the main source of his livelihood.


The first major work was published in the jungles of Africa in 1922 AD. Apart from original works, he also translated many famous stories and novels. His famous juvenile books, Bhombal Sardar, Bagdi Dakat, Tales of Patalpuri, Past Worlds, Tales of Discovery, Jhele-Jangle etc.


Bhombal Sardar’s book was translated into Hindi and Russian. The book was later made into a film.


He had equal skill in writing adventure stories, horror stories. other


Notable in the book, he is a wayfarer, a captive teenager, on the way to the Sundarbans.


Mountain of Fire, in the Karakoram Mountains, Tibet, Land of the Lamas.


His notable translated books are A Tale of Two Cities, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Gorky’s Mother etc.


In order to earn a living, he had to write numerous books on various subjects. But in all his writings his individuality is maintained. He was a children’s favorite writer.


‘Shatabdir Shishu Sahitya 1818-1960’ written by Khagendranath is a significant addition to the history of Bengali literature.


He was honored with the National Award in 1975 AD for his outstanding achievements in children’s literature. But he did not accept that award for special reasons.


1978 AD passed away in Kolkata.

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