Method for performing self-knead for cervical osteochondrosis at home | Technique for performing self-massage for cervical osteochondrosis at home

Method for performing self-knead for cervical osteochondrosis at home

Cervical osteochondrosis is an infection that not just carries a sensation of inconvenience to the patient, yet additionally goals him different unsavory indications. An individual needs to manage a sensation of weariness in the neck, torment, changes in the affectability of such pieces of the body as: the collarbone, neck, shoulder bones, arms. Self-knead for cervical osteochondrosis can altogether lighten the patient’s prosperity. Knead is important to fundamentally reinforce muscle tone. It additionally assists with taking out torment.

Assuming that the patient has an articulated radicular condition, serious torment happens on one side. In view of this, self-rub on the impacted region ought to be performed distinctly with delicate developments.

This applies to the main methods. The solid side of the neck and back ought to be given more consideration. By and by, the viability of self-knead has been affirmed. After the principal course, the indications of the sickness as of now vanish.


Execution procedure

Any back rub development ought to be performed by the procedure to give the ideal restorative impact. To mitigate the overall state of an individual experiencing cervical osteochondrosis, knead is performed with the accompanying developments:






We should get to know the method of playing out these back rub developments.



Stroking ought to be performed to the left, to the right, beginning from the seventh vertebra of the cervical spine. These developments are performed along the lymph, they are coordinated to the axillary lymphatic, supraclavicular hubs. Start getting a handle on strokes from the collar region. Then, at that point, planar strokes are performed, trailed by brush like strokes.



The push-ups are intended to influence the more profound layers of the dermis. To play out these developments, place your hands across your neck. The push-ups are coordinated descending towards the trapezius muscle. This sort of back rub can be performed with the edge of the palm, carrying them to the shoulder joint. The crushing developments should follow up on the muscles beginning from the fourth vertebra of the cervical spine.



The collar district is loose through the “sawing” procedure, for which the palms are put corresponding to one another and the edge to the skin. In the space of ​​the shoulder support, the “crossing” strategy is compelling. It is performed with the internal edge of the hand, the thumb is saved. Round scouring is utilized on the paravertebral regions.

Scouring is generally done to set up the muscles for a profound effect on them. It assists with heating up, loosen up muscle filaments, and further develop blood stream. It begins from the foundation of the skull and is acted in round, rectilinear developments. Utilizing the fingertips, rub the dermis on the two sides of the vertebra.



This stage influences profound tissues:


muscle filaments;


Gathering of manipulating a muscle is acted in 3 phases:




Work the tissue in different ways (longitudinal, cross over, annular).

The last phase of self-knead is stroking, performing vibration methods (blackout, shock, hacking).


Phases of self-knead

Self-back rub of the neck is best done in a back rub seat. Assuming it is missing, then, at that point, the strategy is acted in an agreeable seat. Interestingly, during the back rub the place of the body is loose.

Execution begins from the back. The region between the shoulder bones, shoulder support, chest region over the mammary organs ought to be worked out. Self-rub for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is performed with the accompanying developments:






The patient ought not feel torment during the back rub. The strategy ought to just bring good sentiments. The back rub is performed by the accompanying rule: the more enthusiastic the development, the less redundancies ought to be finished. As per this standard, self-rub is performed with rubbing developments coordinated to the neck in the accompanying sum:


smoothing – 6-8 reiterations;

shaking 2-3 reiterations;

working, pressing 4-5 reiterations.

In the wake of heating up the back region, you ought to continue to the subsequent stage, which includes playing out a back rub of the cervical spine. Strokes are performed along the spine start to finish, from the rear of the head to the back (6-7 redundancies). The back rub is performed with two hands. Then, at that point, kneading crushing developments are performed (4-5 redundancies). All in all, stroking developments are performed on the rear of the neck (6-7 redundancies).

Then, the third stage is completed, which comprises in performing scouring. To do this, slant your head somewhat forward. You want to rub the skin start to finish, finger developments are performed along the spine, at the nearest conceivable distance to it. Scouring is rehashed 4-5 times. Then, at that point, with the stack of the first, second fingers, we rub the rear of the neck. The developments are acted in a roundabout movement from the rear of the head to the back (3-4 reiterations).

Self-rub for osteochondrosis closes with the fourth stage, which rehashes the first. At the last stage, knead developments move from the neck to the back, shoulder support. They are acted through working, stroking, crushing, shaking.

The finish of the back rub is performed on the neck. It is stroked (3-4 redundancies), crushing developments are made (4-5 reiterations), worked (5-6 redundancies), stroked (2-3 redundancies), pressing developments are rehashed (3-4 reiterations).

Toward the finish of the strategy, the skin along the spinal segment is scoured.


Pressure point massage

To dispose of the terrible indications of the illness, the patient can freely self-rub the neck at home. Pressure point massage rub is demonstrated even within the sight of serious agony (sharp, cutting).

It is vital to concentrate on the places of self-knead. To accomplish the ideal impact, you ought to cling to the method of performing rub developments.

Pressure point massage knead is performed with fingers, portions of the hands. It is important to apply an impact on naturally dynamic focuses with squeezing developments. Try not to press on regions harmed by osteochondrosis. Tensions ought to be performed with various qualities and spans. On the off chance that the patient’s aggravation is serious, then, at that point, squeezing during back rub ought to be long (5-6 minutes). Assuming the aggravation is feeble, squeezing ought not be performed for long (2-3 minutes).

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