Navin Chandra Sen

Navin Chandra Sen


Poet Navin Chandra was born on February 10, 1847 AD in Noapara village of Chittagong. His father’s name is Gopi Mohan Sen. He came to Calcutta after passing the entrance exam in 1863 AD from Chittagong School. Admitted to Presidency College. 1865 1868 AD passed BA from General Assemraj Institution.


Studentship Navinchandra accompanied Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar and helped him immensely. Literary career started in student age. The first poem was published. In Education Gechot magazine. He used to write regularly in this magazine. After completing his college studies, Navinchandra accepted a teaching scholarship. working life


This is in hair school. But he did not have to stay in this job for long. By competitive examination


1868 AD got the post of Deputy Magistrate. While working in this position, he had to stay in different places of Bengal. At the end of his life, he became the Sub-Divisional Ruler of Ranaghat in 1893-94 AD


At that time, he found the home of his elder and another great poet Krittivas on his own initiative and bound the people of Bengal to eternal gratitude. Mahakabi’s birth place was not for nothing. Navinchandra found that house.

However, Ranaghat, Shantipurand Fulia helped him in this work Vidwatsamaj. Later, a memorial plaque was erected at this place selected biographies are complete


A collection of patriotic and self-reflective poems, Avkasaranjini Navinchanj’s first published book was published in 1871 AD.


Navinchakra’s famous poetry book Palashi Ward was published. 1875 Mr. This book gained immense popularity. By defeating the Baganis or the Indians in the desert of Palashi, the British usurped the right to rule over the land of India. This story was narrated by the poet in such a way that it made the countrymen open to taste.


Navin Chandra became famous as a patriotic poet. The result is Navinchandra had to be displeased with his superiors.


Navinchandra’s reputation as a poet increased further when Raivatak, Kurukshetra and Prabas were published. In these three poems he explains the basic events of Mahabharata. In 1909 AD the poet retired from work.


Navin Chandra wrote a total of fourteen books. Among them, Cleopatra, Bhanumati, Prabas Patra and Amitabh are notable. My life is his autobiography. This book contains many unknowns of the time 1928 AD Navin Chandra passed away.

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