Premendra Mitra

Premendra Mitra


Although he is well-known as a famous poet, successful novelist, story writer, essayist and filmmaker, he is recognized as one of the best writers of modern Bengali literature.


His native place is Rajpur village of Twenty Four Parganas district. Father’s name is Gnanendranath Mitra. While he was working in Kashi, Premendra was born there. He lost his mother at a young age. As a result, he spent his childhood at his uncle’s house in Mirzapur.


1920 AD Passed Matriculation Examination from South Suburban School, Kolkata. After that he got admission in some colleges of Dhaka and Calcutta and later in Sriniketan. But Bandhadhara did not like education and could not progress further in education.


Literary writing began at an early age. Written at the age of seventeen


Benami Bandar’s poem was published in Uttara newspaper and gained fame as a poet. Career began in the field of literature. Ramatanu joined Calcutta University as a Research Assistant with the help of Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sen. Later worked as an editorial assistant in Subhash Chandra’s Bangla Katha and Forward papers and Bangashree paper.


Worked as an advertising copy-writer for Bengal Immunity for some time. Then joined the film industry. Worked for a while as a publicity officer for a film company. It was at this time that Rikta wrote the screenplay of the film at the request of renowned director Pramthesh Barua. Encouraged by the success of this film, he took screenwriting as a profession for some time. He was also in Bombay for some time with a job in film.


When a group of progressive youth organized around the Kallol magazine and created a literary movement, Premendra made his debut in the literary world as the poet of the Kallol magazine and was later recognized as one of the major literary figures of the Kallol era.


At the age of fifteen-sixteen, his novel Paank, written in 1927 AD, was serially published in Shramzejid’s newspaper Sanwarta.

He is the originator of science fiction writing in Bengal. This branch of literature created by him has now been nourished and enriched by the emergence of many strong writers.


Premendra Mitra’s memorable creation in Bengali literature is Srighanshyam Das alias Ghanada character. Even though he did not write any other works, he was only for the creation of Ghanada characters


He had a permanent place in the history of literature. His first story about Ghanada, Masha, was published in 1937 AD.


He later created three more characters similar to Ghanada. They are, science researcher Mamababu, mystery-seeker Parashar Verma and ghost-hunter Mezokarta. These characters were also quite popular, though not idolatrous.


Premendra Mitra also had talent and skill in newspaper editing. Edited Nirukta with Sanjay Bhattacharya, Kavita magazine with Buddhadev Bose and Ranmashal, Kalikalam, Navashakti etc. For some time Shishu edited the monthly Pakhiraj.


His translations of Whitman’s poems, Lawrence and the story of Somerset Mom are acclaimed is he was also famous as a lyricist. Bhishmadev wrote the first song on the request of Chattopadhyay. He is the composer of this popular song in the voice of Kanan Devi.


He also wrote under the pseudonym Krittivas Bhadra.


The first film directed by Premendra Mitra was released in 1943 AD and gained fame.


He directed fourteen films in all. Waste paper is particularly notable among them.


The number of written books is more than one and a half hundred. Sabyasachi was known as a prolific writer as he was able to write poetry and prose for children and adults with equal skill.


He has been honored with many awards. He was honored with the 1957 A.D. Akademi Award and 1958 A.D. Rabindra Award for the book Sagar Adi Fera.


1957 AD He went to Belgium for the International Poetry Festival. Also traveled to Soviet Russia, Europe and America. Awarded Padma Shri and Desikottam.


He passed away in 1988 AD.

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