National Technology Day 2021: Date, History, and Importance

National Technology Day 2021: Date, History, and Importance

Public Innovation Day 2021 imprints India turning into the 6th country to create atomic weapons after Pokhran atomic tests in 1998.

Public Innovation Day 2021 on May 11 praises the accomplishments and commitments of Indians to science and innovation. This day fills in as a token of India breaking into the tip top gathering of countries with atomic weapons. On May 11, 1998, India led three fruitful atomic tests at the Indian Armed force’s Pokhran Test Reach in Rajasthan under Activity Shakti. Two more atomic tests were led on May 13. The tests were driven by late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The Public Innovation Day was noticed interestingly on May 11, 1999.


Public Innovation Day 2021 history returns us to 1999, when then-Executive Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced May 11 as a day of critical accomplishment for the country. The Innovation Improvement Board since the time has been regarding researchers and engineers and their mechanical advancements that have added to the development of India on this day.


The atomic tests led on this day in 1998, which gives Public Innovation Day 2021 its importance, were helmed by aviation researcher and previous Leader of India APJ Abdul Kalam. The mission was done by the Indian Armed force as a team with researchers from the Protection Innovative work Association (DRDO), Bhabha Nuclear Exploration Community (BARC), Nuclear Minerals Directorate for Investigation and Exploration (AMDER). These tests made India fit for building atomic weapons and splitting bombs.

Likewise on Public Innovation Day, India’s first-since forever native airplane, Hansa-1, took off and the DRDO tried the surface-to-air Trishul rocket. It is a short-range rocket with a fast response time.


Generally, a huge scope occasion is coordinated in New Delhi for the Public Innovation Day festivities and the President is welcome to be the main visitor. He gives grants to researchers and praises them for their accomplishments. With the Covid pandemic seething, it isn’t certain whether any program will be held for this present year.

The Public Honor for Fruitful Commercialisation of Native Innovation is given to a mechanical worry for effectively creating and commercializing a native innovation on this day, as indicated by the Innovation Advancement Board.


The board declares a subject each year. The Public Innovation Day 2021 subject is “Science and Innovation for a Supportable Future”. In 2020, the subject was ‘Rebooting the Economy through Science, Innovation and Exploration Interpretations’ named ‘RESTART’.

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