Rakhaldas Banerjee

Rakhaldas Banerjee


Rakhaldas, who is famous as a novelist and a writer, has been identified as a historical person in the history of Bengali.


Rakhaldas was able to present a unique perspective in the history of Bengali literature by expressing the silent signs of human historical progress and the events of history through novels.


Some of the novels he has written in the context of history discussion are both novels and non-fictional historical images. In fact, historical novels gained a new status in India especially in Bengali literature at his hands.


Rakhaldas was born on April 12, 1885 AD in Baharampur, Murshidabad district. His father Motilal Banerjee practiced law in Baharampur.


He passed 1900 AD entrance from Baharampur Krishnanath Collegiate School. Before getting admission in Presidency College, he got married according to the social norms of that time. After marriage passed FA from this college in 1903 AD.


During this period studies were stopped due to the death of parents and various material problems. Then in 1907 AD with honors B.A. And 1910 AD. Passed this.


Rakhaldas became famous as an expert on ancient inscriptions and coins even before passing his BA examination. In 1906 AD his paper was published in the Asiatic Society of Bengal journal, which was edited by the ancient scholars Vincent and Smith.


is appreciated. Started career in Indian Archeology Department in 1910 AD. Here he rose from assistant to superintendent, then to principal.


Rakhaldas was an avid reader of Indian history since his youth. F. It was during this study that he came in the company of the Superintendent Block Saheb of the Indian Archeology Department and became proficient in reading ancient scripts. This education assumed a special role in his career.


In early 1922 AD, Rakhaldas visited Mohenjodaro in Larkana district of Sindh on a mission and discovered the ancient ruins of Mohenjodaro through excavation work. This discovery is the imperishable achievement of Rakhaldas’ life.


He was multi-talented. Reading and interpretation of old writings, determining the historical significance of ancient and medieval coins, evaluating the value of architectural and sculptural artifacts, writing authentic history of different eras of different regions of India with the help of writings and coins etc.


1926 A.D. left the service due to differences in departmental work. From 1928 AD, Rakhaldas accepted the post of Professor in the Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture at the Varanasi Hindu University.


He had no break in writing books and articles even in the busyness of the workplace. His articles have appeared in Bengali Asiatic Society Journal, Bihar Research Society Journal, Epigraphia Indica, London Royal Asiatic Society Journal, Bengali Sahitya Parishad Journal, Indian Antiquary. Annals of Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, India, Pravasi etc. English and Bengali published in periodicals. The valuable information he has found through his writings is of immense value.


Numismatic scholar Rakhaldas wrote the first book on coins. Before the publication of his book on ancient coins, there was no other book on the subject either in Bengali or in English.


Other books written by Rakhaldas are the history of Bengal in two volumes, the story of Pashan, the history of the wretched race of Tripuri; History of Orissa, Bengali Sculpture, Shashank Dharmapala, Karuna, Exception, Asim, Pakhantara, Hierarchy, The Origin of Bangali Script. Palas of Bengal etc.


On 23rd April 1930, Rakhaldas’ career ended.

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