Rashmika Mandanna | Pushpa star Rashmika Mandanna does not mince words on the ugly side of showbiz; reveals it ‘hurts bad’

Pushpa star Rashmika Mandanna does not mince words on the ugly side of showbiz; reveals it ‘hurts bad’

Rashmika Mandanna has been juggling between shootings and the promotions for her recently released movie Pushpa starring Allu Arjun. She plays a native Chittoor woman in the film. She recently topped the Forbes list of Most Influential Stars of south cinema. But under all the glitz and glamour, there’s an ugly side of showbiz that Rashmika didn’t mince words to utter it publicly.


Giving a sneak peek into her life of maintaing the perfect image, Rashmika shared a picture of arm to talk about the struggle and pain she has to endure to keep it hairless. “Any of you want to become an actor for just the good part of it.. don’t! There’s a lot that goes into it.. For example: the n number of times you have to get lazer done.. damn.. it hurts so bad!” she wrote on Instagram.

Talking about how she was roped in for Pushpa, Rashmika had recently said, “The makers of Pushpa wanted an actress who would also be familiar with the Chittoor accent. So, I had given three look tests before we shook hands for the movie.” As Rashmika spoke about her experience as an actress, Rashmika stated that she had to unlearn many things for this role, as director Sukumar wanted to bring an organic appeal to it.

The actress mentioned that it was quite difficult for her to shoot for the Saami Saami song. “We shot it in a remote area and we worked really hard on it. Allu Arjun would monitor each shot after it was done, and he gives the best suggestions,” she said adding that despite living out of a suitcase, she has been enjoying her life.

Meanwhile, Pushpa: The Rise has reportedly topped the list of the biggest theatrical opening weekends of 2021 across India. It has struck gold at the box-office by grossing Rs 173 crore in the opening weekend. As the collections continue to grow, it is expected that Pushpa will emerge as one of the biggest hits across India.

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