Sukumar Roy

Sukumar Roy


Sukumar Roy, one of the greatest writers of Bengali children’s literature, was born on 30th October 1887 in Calcutta. His father Upendra Kishore Roy Chowdhury was a child writer, musician, painter and instrumentalist.


Sukumar inherited literary talent from his father. He could make rhymes from a young age.


Painting was also taught by father Upendra Kishore. Along with drawing, he also started practicing photography from childhood.


He started studying in City School. He passed B.Sc with Honors in Chemistry from Presidency College.


He then went to Bilat in 1911 AD with Guruprasanna Ghosh scholarship for higher studies in photography and printing.


While studying at school, children started writing and acting in comedy plays. He formed the Nonsense Club with his friends. The name of the club’s mouthpiece was thirty-two and a half fried.


Went to Santiniketan before going abroad. There he acted in Gogay Galad drama with Rabindranath and Abanindranath.


Upendrakishore was in contact with London’s Penrose newspaper. Bilat was assisted by Mr. Gumbel, the editor of this paper, during the bus. With his letter Sukumar London L.C.C. Admitted as special student in School of Photo Engraving and Lithography.


During this time he also studied regularly at the Photographic Society Library. 1912 AD Learned studio and laboratory work as a special student at Manchester School of Technology.


Sukumar used to keep in touch with expatriate Indians in between his studies and work. On this occasion, he met many famous Bengalis living in London. When Rabindranath went to London with the manuscript of Gitanjali, Sukumar helped him in various ways.

This time Sukumar’s own essay at the call of the East and West Society. Read The Spirit of Rabindranath. Along with this article, many poems of the poet were also translated. The article was later published in Quest magazine.


Sukumar was in London for two years. Stories, poems and regularly from there


He used to send drawings for his father’s Sandesh newspaper. In this way he became known to the readers of Sandesh. While in London, Sukumar was elected a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society be Before him, only Sir Jatindramohan Tagore received this honour.


Sukumar returned home and took charge of U Roy & Sons founded by his father. Due to physical illness, Upendra Kisho had earlier handed over the responsibility of the institution to his sons.


Sukumar is already married. Rabindranath came to Calcutta from Shilaidah for his friend’s son’s wedding. 1910 AD Upendra Kishore died. Sukumar joined the brothers in running the business. At this time Manday Club was formed under his initiative. Kalidas Nag, Atulprasad Sen, Sunithikumar Chattopadhyay and others were among the nobles of this club.


In every issue of Sandesh, Sukumar used to write about various topics and draw pictures. He was also adept at writing science-literature suitable for children and teenagers.


Sukumar’s stories and poems had a combination of lively humor and subtle social consciousness. He was able to win the hearts of the children of Bengal through his writings and pictures.


Sukumar adopted a pseudonym early in writing Sandesh. Uhanam Pandit was his pseudonym. Later he wrote stories, poems, plays and essays under his own name. In the last part of his life, however, he wrote some writings under the name Uhanam Pandit.


Sukumar’s works include poetry books Abol Tabol, Khaikhai, Essays—Pictures of the Past, Alphabetology, Dramas—Abak Jalpan, Jhalapala, Lakshmanan Saktishel, Hingsute, Bhavuksabha, Chalacchittachanchari and Shabdkalpadrum, Stories—H-Y-B-R-L, Pagla Dashu, Bahurupi etc. moreover, he also wrote some serious essays in English and Bengali.


Sukumar was a humorous person. As a result, his natural wit combined with vivid imagination and exquisite language made his works highly enjoyable. His drawings made the writing more palatable.

1921 AD Sukumar’s only son Satyajit was born. After that he got black fever. Struggled with the disease for more than two years. Anargal wrote and painted pictures even when he was ill. At this time, Rabindranath used to sing to him, Pandit Kshitimohan Sen used to listen to him.


Life had expired. 1923 AD: 10th September Sukumar Roy go to the afterlife.

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