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Treatment and counteraction of umbilical hernia in grown-ups

A hernia is perceived as an adjustment of the area of an organ, while it juts from its place. On the off chance that an umbilical hernia in infants is a genuinely normal and impermanent peculiarity, then, at that point, when this pathology creates in adulthood, its treatment must be careful. Umbilical hernia in grown-ups is the exit of a piece of the digestive tract, prolapse of the more noteworthy omentum or different organs from the peritoneum under the skin in the navel region. This is conceivable assuming that the organs are dislodged from their typical area through an opening in the stomach divider, or “hernial entryway”.

The prolapsed organ is situated in the “hernial sac” – the space of ​​the film covering the stomach depression, which can be multi-chambered. In the event that the dividers of the sac don’t develop along with neighboring tissues, then, at that point, the actual hernia can be embedded into the peritoneum as well as the other way around. Welded to the encompassing tissues, the sack won’t permit the hernia to be repositioned. Umbilical hernia in grown-ups regularly gives exceptionally unsavory side effects and can be convoluted by capture.


For what reason do they show up?

The skin in the space of ​​the umbilical ring is practically without greasy layer, and the umbilical scar itself is addressed by tissue with exceptionally low flexibility. The stomach divider in the navel region doesn’t have a thick connective tissue sheath. This multitude of variables are inclining to the development of an obsessive bulge here. Assuming an umbilical hernia is found, then, at that point, the reasons for the illness are related with an infringement of the capacity of the stomach divider to oppose intra-stomach pressure. In ladies, hernia regularly creates during pregnancy, particularly assuming the stomach muscles are powerless. Umbilical hernia in grown-up men can be related with hard work, sports over-burden. Other potential reasons for the infection:

Innate deformities of the umbilical ring or a genetic inclination to the advancement of a hernia.

Stoutness prompting dislodging of inside organs.

Ongoing obstruction against the foundation of lack of healthy sustenance, gastrointestinal motility issues.

Genuine pathology of the bladder or progressed prostate adenoma.

Sicknesses joined by a critical expansion in inside organs.

Amassing of liquid in the peritoneum.

Stomach injury.

Now and again not just digestive circles enter into the hernial sac, yet additionally the stomach, liver, and different organs of the stomach hole. It is essentially inconceivable not to see the signs for this situation.


Clinical picture

Normally, with the improvement of the infection, an expanding is obviously apparent on the foremost piece of the stomach divider in the area of the umbilical ring. Manifestations of pathology are more perceptible on the off chance that an individual is standing or stressing his stomach.

When taking a lying position, the hernia might vanish, however this happens just at the underlying phase of the sickness. Different signs:


Broadening of the umbilical ring.

Torment in the navel on the foundation of hacking, wheezing.

Expanded torment with actual effort.

Advancement of clogging up to gastrointestinal deterrent.

Queasiness, regurgitating.

Ordinarily, side effects and sensations don’t show up quickly, and their seriousness straightforwardly associates with the phase of the sickness. At the beginning of the infection, an individual can address the hernia all alone, and such a pathology doesn’t turn into a snag to typical life and work. It is the shortfall of indications that prompts late treatment, when torment and uneasiness are becoming hard to bear, and the dividers of the hernia have developed along with the skin, subcutaneous tissue. Additionally, over the long haul, extending of the hernial ring causes an increment in size, which undermines with unsavory inconveniences.


Results and complexities

In adulthood, an umbilical hernia is more hazardous than in youngsters. A regular and serious confusion of the infection prompts a solid limiting of the hernial hole, so the organs are controlled. This condition is called squeezed umbilical hernia in grown-ups and is portrayed by a sharp aggravation disorder, an increment in neighborhood and general internal heat level, and heaving. At the point when squeezed, intense aggravation of the organ caught in the hernial sac frequently creates, up to peritonitis.

A squeezed hernia requires earnest careful intercession, since oxygen hardship of organs rapidly increments against the foundation of circulatory issues. Consequently, because of enormous foci of putrefaction, a few organs might end up being non-useful.

Taking into account that such an intricacy can happen with a solitary weight lifting or even a solid hack, giggling, the expulsion of an umbilical hernia in grown-ups is a required and indispensable technique.


What assessments are required?

Finding of an umbilical hernia in grown-ups incorporates:

Assessment and assortment of anamnesis;

Ultrasound of interior organs and the hernial distension itself;

X-beam of the stomach, duodenum;


Now and again – research center tests (for instance, in anticipation of medical procedure).

How is an umbilical hernia treated?

There is the main viable method for disposing of such a pathology – careful treatment. The activity will totally wipe out the issue, so it does not merit postponing with it by utilizing an assortment of prescriptions. Just in pregnant ladies, careful intercession can be postponed, yet provided that the infection doesn’t show itself with concentrated development.

Since sedation during pregnancy is bothersome, the hopeful mother is endorsed to wear exceptional wraps, pressure clothing. Subsequent to conceiving an offspring (normally following 7-8 months), medical procedure is performed. During pregnancy, a lady ought to be administered by an accomplished specialist.

The activity, or rather, the expulsion of the hernia, ought not be supplanted by the repositioning of the swelling in questionable trained professionals. Regardless of the way that the connivance of an umbilical hernia in grown-ups and other unusual techniques for treating it are as yet famous, they are totally silly and inadequate. There are a few strategies for careful treatment:

Laparoscopic expulsion. Doesn’t need a stomach cut, as it is brought out through penetrates utilizing extraordinary gear. The sack is cut from within, the organs are gotten back to their place and an attachment plate is embedded into the space of ​​the hernial opening.

Stretch herneoplasty. It is viewed as the “best quality level” for hernia treatment and is regularly performed under nearby sedation. Unaffected organs and their parts are reset to their unique spot, after which the extended peritoneal tissues are eliminated, and the opening is stitched.

Pressure free herneoplasty. For this situation, the specialist stitches the hernial sac utilizing a bolt made of different clinical materials after the organs have been repositioned.

In the wake of eliminating the hernia, an individual should follow a specific eating routine, wear a wrap, and after a specific timeframe, play out a bunch of activity treatment.



To forestall the presence of an imperfection, you ought to fortify the muscular strength – siphon the press, battle muscle versus fat with rub. It won’t damage to decrease weight by and large, since stoutness is a danger factor for the advancement of pathology. A brilliant avoidance for umbilical hernia in grown-ups is disposing of clogging through appropriate nourishment. Refusal from hard actual work or its sensible limitation assists with forestalling disease.

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