Upendrakishore Roy Chowdhury

Upendrakishore Roy Chowdhury


Upendra Kishore, one of the writers of Bengali children’s and juvenile literature, was born on May 12, 1863 in the famous zamindar clan of Masua village in Mymensingh district. His father Kalinath Roy Chowdhury was a scholar in various disciplines. Because of this he was also known as Munshi Shyamsunder.


Kalinath had five sons and three daughters. Among them, the second son, Kamdaranjan, was adopted at the age of five by a relative named Harikishore Raychoudhury. As an adopted son, Kamdaranjan’s name was changed to Upendra Kishore. Education in Mymensingh District School. 1880 A.D. Passed the entrance examination and was admitted to Calcutta Presidency College.


He came to Calcutta and became acquainted with the revered Maharshi Devendranath and Dwarkanath Gangopadhyay of the Brahmo Samaj. Friendship developed with Devendranath’s son Rabindranath.


Naturally, Upendra Kishore was also attracted to Brahmanism. This is how his journey started at Tagore’s house in Jorasanko.

Upendrakishore has always had a strong inclination to learn new things. In Calcutta


Having the opportunity to read new books, he immersed himself in them. It was at this time that Upendra Kishore noticed one thing, that there are no well-written, drawn and printed books for the children of the country. The idea of ​​publishing a monthly magazine came to his mind to overcome this shortage. First admitted in Presidency College but later in 1884 AD Metropolitan


Passed BA from the institute. At this time he was also initiated into Brahmanism. Although Brahminism was opposed to traditional Hindu customs and idolatry, Upendra Kishore’s orthodox Hindu Brahmin family accepted his initiation. In this year Vidhumukhi Devi, daughter of Brahmin leader Dwarkanath Gangopadhyay


Upendrakishore’s first work was published in Sakha magazine in 1883 AD during his student days. This time he focused on writing on various topics suitable for children and teenagers. Upendra Kishore’s plan was to publish children’s books beautifully.


You can draw pictures yourself, so those books will be illustrated. In a very short time, he prepared himself for writing and engraving children’s writings. Then he arranged to bring modern printing machines from abroad.

1895 AD own press started. This is how the printing industry started in this country


New chapter.

Two sons Sukumar and Subinay have already come to the world. Upendrakishore Press was named U Roy and Sons. The studio is a painting and photography studio. The press is well equipped with various other materials.


Along with writing and drawing, experiments in halftone printing continued. His article about this was published in the British magazine Penrose Annual. Those essays are appreciated.


While the subject of printing halftone images in oil color or water color was in research stage abroad, Upendrakishore started printing on his press by inventing new methods in this country. U Roy & Sons Company founded by him started the development of process industry in India.

On 20th December 1915, Upendra Kishore breathed his last in Calcutta.

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