Vibhutibhushan Banerjee

Vibhutibhushan Banerjee


Famous fiction writer. Matulaloy was born on 12th September 1894 AD in Muraripukur village near Kanchrapara-Halisahar. Father’s name is Mahananda Banerjee, mother’s name is Mrinalini Devi. Their original residence was Barrakupar Bangram in Twenty Four Parganas district. His father was a preacher and priest. As a result, childhood and adolescence are spent in poverty, deprivation and deprivation.


He passed the matriculation examination in the first division in 1914 AD from Bangram High School. Passed IA in 1916 AD and BA with distinction in 1918 AD from Ripon College, Calcutta.

Get admission in MA and Law classes for higher studies. But he was forced to stop falling under the pressure of the family and take a job.


He started his career as a school teacher. First at Jangipara village school in Hooghly district. Later at Harinavi School in Sonar and later at Khelatchandra Memorial School in Kolkata.


In the interim, he worked as a promoter of Gorakshini sabha at Kosoram Poddar before taking up a post at the new school from Harinavi School. After tutoring in Khelatchandra’s house, he worked as his private secretary and later Naib Tehsildar in Bhagalpur Zamindari.

However, he later returned to teaching and taught at Gopal Nagar School till the end of his life.


He married Gauridevi at the age of twenty-three-twenty-four. But Gauri Devi died shortly after the marriage. Twenty-three years after his wife’s death, he married Kalyanidevi (later named Ramadevi). This second marriage had a profound influence on Vibhutibhushan’s literary life.


The exquisite beauty of Bengal’s countryside fascinated Vibhutibhushan from childhood. As a result, you get a chance to see and know very closely every life cherished in the bosom of nature – the most innocuous creepers, flowers and leaves, birds. Later this vast experience of nature reading influenced and enriched his works in many ways.

First published story Neglected, 1922 AD was printed in Magh issue of Pravasi Patrika. First novel Pather Panchali. Published in 1336 Bangabd. The first novel established him as a powerful fiction writer. After that, he wrote many novels, short stories, travelogues and children’s literature in a span of twenty-one years of literary practice. The rural nature of Bengal with the sorrow, poverty, dreams, hopes, love of village life, love is depicted with immense tenderness in his works. Only rural nature


No, his work captures the forest in all its mystery, vibrant vitality and diversity. An unfamiliar and lush form of forest nature seen in the eyes of a contemplative poet is reflected in his famous novel Aranyaka.


Vibhutibhushan’s literature is influenced by personal life but Indian spirituality and his touch of boundlessness enlivened almost every writing.


In his long literary career of twenty one years, he wrote about half a hundred books including stories, novels, diaries, and children’s literature. Of these, Pather Panchali and Aparajit are undoubtedly the greatest literary works.


Other notable books authored by Vibhutibhushan include, Ichamati, Devyaan, Adarsh ​​Hinduhotel, Bipin’s Sansar, Meghmallar, Mauriful, Jatrabadal, Drishtipradip, etc. Utkarna, Smriti Dha is his diary book. Written for teenagers on the hill, death rattles, diamonds sparkle, moonlit hills etc. The Panchali of Vibhutibhushan Path has been translated into English and French.


He was posthumously awarded the Rabindra Award for his novel Ichamati. 1950 AD 1st September, 15th Kartik, 1357 Bangabd, Vibhutibhushan passed away at Ghatshila.

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